Evaluate Background Blur Functionality of Amazon Chime SDK for JavaScript


About Evaluation

Evalution Items

  • Processing time
  • FPS/Interval
  • CPU usage


  • ASUS UX390U (Win10, Core i5 7200U(Kaby Lake) 2.5GHz/2core, RAM 8G)
    A notebook PC with a CPU that is about five years old, and is classified as a low-spec PC.(ref)
    -> Below, I call this environment as ASUS.
  • M1 MBA (M1-chip 8core, 16GB)
    This is last year’s MacBook Air with the M1 chip. Pretty fast PC.(ref)
    -> Below, I call this environment as MBA.

How to evaluate

  • Processing time
    Due to the configuration of the SDK, it is difficult to measure the raw processing time. This time, in the Video Processing API pipeline also used for background blur, we added a filter to obtain timestamps before and after the background blur process, and calculated the difference in time to simulate the measurement. Although there is an overhead in passing frames in the pipeline, we can confirm that the process was done in less than the measured time. The image of the measurement program is as follows.
  • FPS/Interval
    This is also measured in the same way, by adding a filter in the pipeline that records the timestamp of each cycle. The image of the measurement program is as follows.
  • CPU usage
    For ASUS, visually check the Windows System Monitor; for MBA, visually check the Activity Monitor. Neither is an exact measurement, but it will give you a general idea.




Summary and Discussion

A little more detail (This is just a guess.)


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Software researcher and engineer

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Software researcher and engineer

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