How to bundle Tensorflowjs model in npm package



Creating npm package

$ ls resources/bisenetv2-celebamask/
group1-shard1of3.bin group1-shard2of3.bin group1-shard3of3.bin model.json
rules: [
{ test: /\.ts$/, loader: 'ts-loader' },
{ test:/resources\/.*\.bin/, type:"asset/inline"},
{ test:/resources\/.*\.json/, type:"asset/source"}
import * as tf from '@tensorflow/tfjs';

import modelJson from "../resources/bisenetv2-celebamask/model.json" // <------ (1)
import modelWeight1 from "../resources/bisenetv2-celebamask/group1-shard1of3.bin" // <------ (2)
import modelWeight2 from "../resources/bisenetv2-celebamask/group1-shard2of3.bin" // <------ (2)
import modelWeight3 from "../resources/bisenetv2-celebamask/group1-shard3of3.bin" // <------ (2)

export class BiseNetV2{
model: tf.GraphModel | null = null
canvas = document.createElement("canvas")

init = async () => {
const modelJson2 = new File([modelJson], "model.json", {type: "application/json"}) // <------ (3)
const b1 = Buffer.from(modelWeight1.split(',')[1], 'base64') // <------ (4)
const modelWeights1 = new File([b1], "group1-shard1of3.bin") // <------ (4)
const b2 = Buffer.from(modelWeight2.split(',')[1], 'base64') // <------ (4)
const modelWeights2 = new File([b2], "group1-shard2of3.bin") // <------ (4)
const b3 = Buffer.from(modelWeight3.split(',')[1], 'base64') // <------ (4)
const modelWeights3 = new File([b3], "group1-shard3of3.bin") // <------ (4)
this.model = await tf.loadGraphModel([modelJson2, modelWeights1, modelWeights2, modelWeights3])) // <------ (5)
predict = async (targetCanvas: HTMLCanvasElement, processWidth: number, processHeight: number): Promise<number[][]> => {


Creating Application using this npm package

const mod = await import('bisenetv2-js')
const lib = new mod.BiseNetV2()


I am very thirsty!!


  • Replacing models becomes more difficult.
  • The size of the package increases.
  • Models that cannot be modified cannot be bundled (probably)




Software researcher and engineer

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Software researcher and engineer

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