Live streaming system for multiplayer games, with Among Us Auto Mute, with Amazon Chime SDK JS


Among Us and “Discussion”

AutoMuteUs and Our Live streaming System

Control Screen Sharing and Voice Chat


  1. Sharing of 15 users game screens
  2. Video and audio control in conjunction with games

Sharing of 15 users game screens

Video and audio control in conjunction with games




$ git clone -b blog001-multi-gameplay
$ cd flect-chime-sdk-demo/
$ cat backend/bin/config.ts
export const BACKEND_STACK_NAME = 'amongus-blog-demo-xxxxx' # <-- You should change.
export const FRONTEND_LOCAL_DEV = false # <--- Keep it
export const USE_DOCKER = false # <--- Keep it
export const USE_CDN = true # <--- Keep it
$ cd backend
$ npm install
$ npm run build_all
$ cd frontend4
$ npm install
$ npm run build
$ sh

Run the Demo

$ cat demo_url.txt


  1. MediaStream can be used to stream for video cameras.
  2. Built-in communication channel (WebRTC’s Signaling) can be used for data communication between clients.
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Software researcher and engineer

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Software researcher and engineer

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